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Types of Paint

Prices vary for each paint and for each shoot. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping is usually around $8 unless we have to rush order and then it is around $30 so please plan accordingly.

Water Based Cake Makeup

$6+ each

Water based, easy remove with soap and water. 1 cake is equal to 3 small bottles of airbrush paint. The brands we mostly use are Tag, Wolfe, FAB and Kryolan. We have used also Global in the past but found it was not what we wanted. We will not order Global unless that is the only option available.

Airbrush Alcohol Based Paint

$14.50+ each

Alchol based paint, uses an airbrush to be applied to your skin. We mostly use ProAiir Temporary Ink and Endura for the paints. Once the paint is applied it will not come off unless you use certain products. Acetone,Posh Gender Bender, Cameleon Lemon Sorbet Soap and some common household items. 

Hybrid Paints

$13+ each

Hybrid paints have less alcohol in them so they are easier to get off than straight alcohol paints but you run into the problem of it not having the long lasting effect. The brands we use for this are FAB and Hybrid ProAiir.